What’s Your Credit Score?

Thinking about getting a credit card? Buying a new car? Renting an apartment or a house? Buying a home? Or even changing jobs? It’s amazing exactly how much of our lives can be affected by our credit score.

While most of us know that our credit scores can keep up from getting credit, did you know your credit score could actually keep you from getting that new job? These days, it’s not at all unusual for a potential employer to run a criminal background check and a credit check on new applicants, and it’s not unusual for the results to directly affect whether or not you’ll get the job you want! The solution? Know your credit score before you go…to the car lot, to the bank, and even to the job interview!

And, if your credit score needs improvement…fix it now! Before it can affect your lifestyle, your living arrangements, and even your career.

Here are the places we recommend you start:

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