The Easiest Way to Pay Off Your Credit Cards

Credit card debt is like a dead weight around your neck at times… you pay so much interest every month that you never seem to make a dent towards actually paying off the principal amount that you charged on the card in the first place. It drains the excess out of your budget each and every month, but what can you do? Relax. There is an easy way to pay off your credit cards AND you’ll probably even raise your credit score when you do it!

Instead of transferring the balance to one of those “No Interest for 12 Months” credit cards, why not get completely out of credit card debt all together? Why not PAY OFF those credit cards with a personal loan?

That’s right, the easiest way to get out off the credit card merry-go-round is to pay off all of your credit cards with a personal loan. Then, instead of paying up to 35% interest, you’ll pay anywhere from 5.99% and up, based on your credit score, and instead of having multiple payments to multiple credit cards each month, you’ll have one payment to one creditor, and that payment will almost certainly be much lower than the combined total that you’ve been paying every month.

Even better, with a personal loan, you’ll know exactly when it will be paid off AND exactly how much you’ll pay in interest over the course of the loan.  (Unlike those credit cards with their changing terms, your interest rate is fixed!)

And all it takes is about fifteen minutes to fill out a simple, online application!