New Car Fever

Thinking about replacing that old car this year?  Maybe you’ve saved your tax refund as a down payment, or your old ride is just not as reliable as it should be, and now you’re ready to look at your options. Will you choose a brand new car, truck or SUV?  Or will you go with something that’s not quite as new, but fits more into your budget?  Regardless of what type, age, or price range you’re considering, before you even set foot on the car lot, before that salesman pressures you to sign on the dotted lines, you might want to think about financing!

Just because the dealership offers financing on the spot doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the best option for you.  Remember, in most cases, they are the ones with something to gain if you choose their financing… which means that their banks, or their finance companies, essentially work for them, not you.  Plus, you’re far more likely to take on a higher payment than you intend to if you wait until you’re ready to buy!

Instead, you need to shop car loans long before you shop for the actual car, and just like ANY loan, these days, it’s a good idea to shop online first.   Not only will you likely find more options, but you might just save a lot on interest, fees, and more!