Grab Your $25 Cash Back Here!

$25 Cash Back Incentive for Bad Credit?

If you’ve got less than perfect credit, you know it’s not often that anyone offers you an incentive to sign up for any kind of credit card.  In fact, just getting a credit card can be darn near impossible at times.  That’s what makes this offer from Unity such a find!

For a limited time only, the Unity Visa Secured Credit Card is offering a $25.00 cash back credit to your card when you open an account with them and keep that account in good standing for 90 days.

Worried you won’t qualify? Don’t worry! There is no minimum credit score required to qualify for the Unity Visa Secured Credit Card because it’s a secured credit card. That means it’s secured by a fully refundable deposit.

Why would you want a Unity Visa Secured Credit Card?

If you’re serious about rebuilding your credit, getting a secured credit card is one of the best ways to improve your credit score in a relatively short amount of time.  Not only does your credit report show that you have a credit card, with available credit, but with each and every payment you make, you begin the process of building a payment history.  And, while most credit cards report to at least one of the three major credit bureaus, Unity goes one step further and reports to ALL THREE major credit bureaus.  So, your credit score is updated monthly at all three.  (And since your score can be vastly different at each one, you know how important this benefit is!)

How do you get this $25.00 cash back offer?

It’s easy, simply sign up for the Unity Secured Visa Credit Card through the link shown below – but hurry, this offer expires December 31, 2016!