Fingerhut’s Christmas Shopping Catalog

Do you remember the Fingerhut Christmas Catalog?

Remember how excited you were to see it in the mailbox?

Back when we were growing up, nearly every store sent out catalogs around the holidays… Sears had the Wish Book, Penney’s sent out their Christmas catalog, and Fingerhut would send theirs!  As kids, we’d actually argue over who got to look at them first… who got to dream about finding one of the thousands of gifts under the tree on Christmas morning…

Of course, times have changed since then… there aren’t nearly as many catalogs in the mailbox because most everyone does their shopping online these days.  Sadly, some of the old catalog merchants are long gone… but not Fingerhut.  Fingerhut has not only stood the test of time, but they’ve grown, adapted, and established a solid presence in the online shopping world.

Just like that irresistible, stunning Christmas catalog from years ago, Fingerhut’s website draws you in with popular, name brand merchandise at highly competitive pricing… everything from clothing to jewelry to electronics to home furnishings!  At prices you can afford – even better, the prices are spelled out for you.  You’ll see the cash price AND how much you’ll need to pay every month for everything on the site.

Bad credit?  Not a problem with Fingerhut!  

Fingerhut works with those of us with a less than perfect credit score… and in the event that you don’t qualify for the normal Fingerhut installment account?  Fingerhut even has a “Fresh Start Program” that will give you the credit you need and help you to improve your credit score!

So, go ahead… get your Christmas shopping done at Fingerhut today!