Easiest Way to Raise Your Credit Score

Have you had a financial setback? Maybe you need to raise your credit score? Maybe you don’t have much of a credit history and need to establish one?

Not an Access Card

Believe it or not, opening a Fingerhut Credit account is one of the fastest, easiest ways to re-establish your credit once you’ve had financial difficulties and it’s a great way to build credit when you have none. Unlike other creditors, Fingerhut typically approves most people for an initial credit line of approximately $300.00 (or more), and in the rare event that you aren’t approved, Fingerhut even has a special program called the “Fingerhut Fresh Start” program where you may still qualify for an account.

How does opening a Fingerhut help your credit score?

Actually, opening a Fingerhut account helps your credit score in several ways – first and foremost, when no one else will extend credit to you, the ease of opening a Fingerhut account makes it easy to start improving your credit score. Then, once you’ve got your account, having “available credit” helps your credit utilization score, and your regular payments helps re-establish your payment history. (Fingerhut reports your available credit and payment history to the credit bureaus every month.) Even better, over time you’ll see regular credit limit reviews (and possibly sizable increases), and special financing deals on things like electronics, furniture, and large appliances (no interest deals, deferred payment deals, and more).

How long does it take to open a Fingerhut account?

Opening a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank is as easy as entering your name and address and find out right now. That’s right, just answer a couple of simple questions, get an instant decision, and you can place your first order today!

What can you buy at Fingerhut?

Unlike most catalog shopping sites, Fingerhut offers hundreds of thousands of name brand products in categories like clothing, shoes, electronics, sporting goods, toys, computers, gaming systems, furniture, appliances, and more!

So, what’s stopping you?  Are you ready to improve your credit score?