Easiest Way to Beat the Winter Blues

Not an Access Card

I don’t know about you, but the winter blues have really set in at my house!  It seems like once you take down the Christmas decorations, the house looks vacant, empty, and downright dull.  It can be really depressing…

That’s why I use this time of year to do a little redecorating!  Not only is it the perfect time of year to change a few things, add a splash of color, or update a room or two in the house, it’s also the perfect time of year to actually buy literally everything for your house!  Between the January clearance sales and now the President’s Day sales, I can usually pick up a few really good deals.

What about your house?  Is it time to update your bathroom with new, plush bath rugs?  Maybe a new shower curtain?  Or maybe you’d like to change out the comforter in your bedroom?  Or get new rugs for the kitchen?  Of course, since the Christmas bills have just barely begun to hit your mailbox, money could be a little tight, right?

Well, your tight budget doesn’t have to keep you from brightening up your home after the holidays have passed, not if you have a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank!  You see, when you use your Fingerhut account to redecorate, you can shop knowing exactly what your payments will be (and trust me, they are extremely reasonable), so you won’t blow your budget when you buy that new comforter or those new bath rugs!

Fingerhut even works with those of us with less than perfect credit, not just to help you buy the things you need, but also to give you the opportunity to improve your credit over time!  What could be any better than that?  Take a look at what Fingerhut has to offer and then, go ahead and update your decor – you deserve it!