Back to School Shopping?

Not an Access Card

Back to school shopping can get really expensive… Between buying the kids new clothes, new shoes, new computers, tons of school supplies, and then paying ALL those fees when you actually enroll them in school, it can really wreck your budget!  I mean really, who has that much cash put back just for back to school shopping?

This year, instead of draining every penny out of your budget (right before the holidays), why not shop the smart way?  Get yourself a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank and shop for everything online!

Not only does Fingerhut carry hundreds of thousands of products, but these are trusted, name brand products… you know, the popular things… this year’s hot new sneakers, or that particular shirt. And let’s not forget the electronics! From laptops to cell phones to the latest game console, if you’re looking for electronics, Fingerhut has them!  All at competitive prices that won’t wreck your budget.  (With Fingerhut, you even know the monthly payment amount of every item BEFORE you buy it, so you can plan the amount that you’ll need to pay back!)

You can literally get almost everything on your back to school list without ever leaving your house… and, once you’ve placed the order, you just sit back and in a few days, Fingerhut will deliver it right to your door!  What could be easier?

So, go ahead, take this year’s back to school shopping list, apply for a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank , and stop worrying about where the money is going to come from!

(And if you’re sending one off to college this year, be sure and check out Fingerhut’s complete line of dorm room must haves!)