Shop Fingerhut this Christmas!

Looking for a great way to buy this year’s Christmas gifts and save some money while you’re at it?  

Not an Access Card

Maybe you’re a little strapped for cash this year but can’t let the kids go without at least a few of the things on their wish list?  No matter what your circumstances are, we’ve got the answer to your Christmas shopping dilemma…

But, what about this year’s hot new toy?  Or the cool electronic gadget?  Or those brand new name brand tennis shoes?  

Relax, Fingerhut offers the hottest, newest, name brand items… everything from stylish new clothes to the hottest electronics to the newest trends in home decor!  If it’s on someone’s wish list, chances are it’s on Fingerhut’s website,  and you’ll know up front, before you buy, just how much you’ll need to pay each month.  (And you can pay the minimum payment, in full, or as much as you want each month.)

Still not convinced?  Check out all that Fingerhut has to offer you this year:

Fingerhut Christmas!

Looking for a great way to pay for this year’s Christmas gifts and save some money?

Look no further than Fingerhut!  Fingerhut really has some great things to choose from… quality, name brand merchandise at truly competitive pricing.  Choose from a fantastic selection of clothing, jewelry, home furnishings, electronics, toys and more!

Think you won’t qualify for a Fingerhut account because of your credit?

Think again!  Fingerhut approves nearly everyone for at least $300.00, and those who aren’t approved usually qualify for the Fingerhut Fresh Start program which not only offers you the credit you need, but can also help you to improve your credit score!

It’s easy, simply fill out the online application (takes about five minutes), and that’s all there is to it!  Now, go on…

How to Build Credit

How to Build Credit

If you don’t have a credit history, it’s hard to get a loan, a credit card or even a home. But how are you supposed to show a history of responsible repayment if no one will give you credit in the first place? I can’t think of anyone better than USAA’s very own, JJ Montanaro to help us dig deeper into these questions.


Angela: How is a credit score determined, and who calculates it?


JJ: Well, it depends. How’s that for definitive? But believe it or not it really does. There are literally dozens of different credit score models or calculations created by different companies like FICO or VantageScore. What they all have in common is that they are designed to try to predict if you’re a good risk. Should that car dealer, credit card company, bank or other retailer lend you money?  Some models are general and some designed specifically for a car loan, a mortgage or a credit card. The various credit scoring models use data stored by the credit reporting agencies (Experian, TransUnion and Equifax are the biggest) to generate a score.  Here’s some information from FICO on how your score is determined, but if there’s a golden rule of credit scoring it’s this: pay on time every time.


Angela: What is the best way to start building credit?


JJ: Dip your toes in the water. Notice, I didn’t say dive in head first! In order to build credit and a good credit history, you’ve got to be in the game. How do you do that? It could be with a low limit credit card, a secured credit card or even a card from a retailer. One misconception I run into all the time is the belief that you have to carry a balance on your credit card in order to build a good history. That’s not the case. When my son left home and joined the Army, he did so with a credit card and our advice: use it once a month and pay it off each month. So far, so good….


Angela: Why are there three credit agencies and why are the score different on all three?


JJ: Credit reporting agencies are a business. And while the “big three” are the most well-known, they aren’t the only three places where your credit history and activity is stored. The analogy I’d use is this: they are a warehouse that stores everything that’s been delivered to them regarding your use of credit.  What type of things do they store? Payment history, balances, credit inquiries (when you apply for credit), bankruptcies, court proceedings and the like may all be stored in the “warehouse”.  Remember, your score is a function of the data that is used to create the score and not all creditors (stores, banks, etc.) report information to all credit reporting agencies. So, you could definitely have a different score based on what data was used. Generally, my experience has been that while the scores will vary based on which reporting agency supplied the data, they are usually directionally similar.


Angela: What is the best way to keep track of your credit, and how often? Is it necessary to spend money on credit monitoring service?


JJ: Staying on top of what’s happening with your credit should be a regular part of your financial routine. These days, a lot of organizations, including USAA, offer free credit reports and scores to their members or customers. I’m really excited about USAA’s free CreditCheck® service. Of course, you can always check out your free credit report at However, if you want a score, it typically costs an additional $10-$15. I’d also highlight the importance of checking your credit and credit score months in advance of making any big purchase. You don’t want a nasty surprise when you’re sitting down to purchase a car or apply for a home loan and if there are errors in your report, you may have time to get them fixed.



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Content provided courtesy of USAA.

By Angela Caban

Fingerhut’s Christmas Shopping Catalog

Do you remember the Fingerhut Christmas Catalog?

Remember how excited you were to see it in the mailbox?

Back when we were growing up, nearly every store sent out catalogs around the holidays… Sears had the Wish Book, Penney’s sent out their Christmas catalog, and Fingerhut would send theirs!  As kids, we’d actually argue over who got to look at them first… who got to dream about finding one of the thousands of gifts under the tree on Christmas morning…

Of course, times have changed since then… there aren’t nearly as many catalogs in the mailbox because most everyone does their shopping online these days.  Sadly, some of the old catalog merchants are long gone… but not Fingerhut.  Fingerhut has not only stood the test of time, but they’ve grown, adapted, and established a solid presence in the online shopping world.

Just like that irresistible, stunning Christmas catalog from years ago, Fingerhut’s website draws you in with popular, name brand merchandise at highly competitive pricing… everything from clothing to jewelry to electronics to home furnishings!  At prices you can afford – even better, the prices are spelled out for you.  You’ll see the cash price AND how much you’ll need to pay every month for everything on the site.

Bad credit?  Not a problem with Fingerhut!  

Fingerhut works with those of us with a less than perfect credit score… and in the event that you don’t qualify for the normal Fingerhut installment account?  Fingerhut even has a “Fresh Start Program” that will give you the credit you need and help you to improve your credit score!

So, go ahead… get your Christmas shopping done at Fingerhut today!

Emporium, The Easiest Way to Shop for Christmas Gifts

Worried about how you’ll pay for Christmas this year?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We are all trying to figure out how to afford all those Christmas gifts that we just can’t get out of buying and how we’ll pay for them once the gifts are unwrapped, the holidays are past, the decorations are all stored away, and we all have to face those staggering credit card bills that will hit our mailboxes come January.

This year, why not try something different?  Instead of scouring the sale ads for bargains, then traipsing from store to store fighting the crowds, only to find out the sale item is long gone… this year, you can sit back in the comfort and security of your own home and browse thousands and thousands of luxury gifts at highly competitive prices, have them delivered right to your door, and there will be no unpleasant surprises in your mailbox come January.

Wait, no crowds?  No chasing sales?  No hassle?  And no ugly bills come January?  How can that be?

Believe it or not – Christmas shopping this year really can be just that easy!  With your new Emporium Black Card, you’ll have exclusive access to a luxury shopping site that is unlike any you’ve seen before!   Unlike traditional shopping sites, there are no hidden costs when you shop at Emporium.  No interest. No hidden fees.  No hassle.  You’ll know up front what your payments will be, how long you will need to make them, and much, much more.  (You can even pay your items off early and save 50%!)

You see, Emporium is not really a shopping site at all… Emporium is more like an online rent to own store!  That’s right, rent to own.  And if you’ve ever bought anything on a rent to own basis, you know that it’s a great way for those of us with less than perfect credit to buy things that we want or need, especially when the financing is not there!   So, you can get that new computer, or flat screen television, or even all of those other gifts you need to buy this year… in fact, if you check out the Emporium website, you’ll find you can get just about anything there!

AND Emporium could even help you to improve your credit score by reporting your regular, timely payments to the credit bureaus!  

Still not convinced Emporium is the way to shop this year?

Check out ALL that Emporium has to offer and start shopping today.