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Although a cash advance is not normally the best way to handle an emergency, there are those times when you absolutely, positively have to have cold, hard cash right now.  Maybe you’ve accidentally overdrawn your checking account?  Maybe you’ve had an unexpected financial emergency, such as a car accident, or your car (or house) needs a major repair?

Your credit cards are maxed out, or you may not have the credit available to do anything else…You’ve tried everything, but you’ve simply exhausted all of your other options for getting your hands on the cash that you absolutely have to have now. If that’s the case, a cash advance may just be your only option, however, instead of making that trip down to the “money store” with your pay stub, why not get that cash advance via a safe, secure, online transaction?

Online cash advances are gaining popularity for lots of reasons –

  • Convenience:  You never have to leave your home.  You simply fill out a five minute online application and you’ll have a decision in minutes.  No more borrowing from the “money store.”  No more going back to pay the balance off (in cash).  Everything is done electronically.  How convenient is that?
  • Confidentiality:  Instead of that embarrassing trip to the “money store” to apply for the cash advance in a room full of people (that you might know), you simply fill out the online application, get your approval, and the money goes right into your checking account (usually the next day).

Even better, with an online cash advance, you’ll be able to choose from a network of lenders and you’ll see your interest rate up front!  No surprises AND no more of those embarrassing trips to that corner money store.

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$25 Cash Back Incentive for Bad Credit?

If you’ve got less than perfect credit, you know it’s not often that anyone offers you an incentive to sign up for any kind of credit card.  In fact, just getting a credit card can be darn near impossible at times.  That’s what makes this offer from Unity such a find!

For a limited time only, the Unity Visa Secured Credit Card is offering a $25.00 cash back credit to your card when you open an account with them and keep that account in good standing for 90 days.

Worried you won’t qualify? Don’t worry! There is no minimum credit score required to qualify for the Unity Visa Secured Credit Card because it’s a secured credit card. That means it’s secured by a fully refundable deposit.

Why would you want a Unity Visa Secured Credit Card?

If you’re serious about rebuilding your credit, getting a secured credit card is one of the best ways to improve your credit score in a relatively short amount of time.  Not only does your credit report show that you have a credit card, with available credit, but with each and every payment you make, you begin the process of building a payment history.  And, while most credit cards report to at least one of the three major credit bureaus, Unity goes one step further and reports to ALL THREE major credit bureaus.  So, your credit score is updated monthly at all three.  (And since your score can be vastly different at each one, you know how important this benefit is!)

How do you get this $25.00 cash back offer?

It’s easy, simply sign up for the Unity Secured Visa Credit Card through the link shown below – but hurry, this offer expires December 31, 2016!


Fingerhut: Catalog Shopping Made Easy

What’s the best catalog shopping site?

There are lots of catalog shopping sites, including a couple with an online “rent to own” business model, at least one with a standard monthly “fee” that replaces any interest charges, and still others that want to be like the original catalog shopping site, Fingerhut. We’ve even reviewed a couple of the newer ones, and while we like the “rent to own” business model, the best true catalog shopping site is still Fingerhut.

What makes Fingerhut the best catalog shopping site?

In an actual side by side comparison, we discovered several reasons why Fingerhut is still the best:

    • Fingerhut gives you all of the details up front! Not only were we able to confirm what the actual cash price for the item was, but we were also able to see the regular payment rate, the number of payments, and the full price of the item simply by using a handy chart that is available at the click of your mouse.
    • Fingerhut’s actual cash price is significantly lower for regularly priced items. The differences in prices on our comparison items ranged from a few dollars to as much as 30% higher than other comparable catalog shopping sites.
    • Fingerhut’s interest rate is highly competitive, not just with other catalog shopping sites, but also with traditional credit cards’ interest rates. In fact, the interest rate at Fingerhut is actually LESS than many credit cards these days, so you may actually save some money by purchasing through Fingerhut instead of using a credit card to purchase the exact same product.
    • Fingerhut is the only catalog shopping site that offers consumers a second chance in the event that you don’t qualify for a traditional Fingerhut account. With a mere $30.00 deposit on your first order, you can still qualify for an account under their FreshStart program!
    • Fingerhut typically starts out customers with poor credit at a $300.00 credit limit, however, once you’ve placed your order and made regular payments over a period of time, most customers end up with a significantly higher credit limit, and many qualify for the Fingerhut Major Purchase Program, where you can purchase furniture, appliances, and other high end items at reasonable prices with extended payment terms.
    • As always, with Fingerhut there is no penalty for paying the balance of your account off early, and the total amount due is always readily available on your monthly statement.

Interested in opening a Fingerhut account of your own?

It’s far easier than you realize to qualify for Fingerhut.  The application is quick, easy, and secure and most people get an answer in less than a minute.  Go ahead – open your account today:

Find out instantly if you’re pre-approved with Fingerhut Credit.