Month: July 2016

Catalog Cards

Emporium Black: Luxury Shopping Made Easy

Looking for an alternative to traditional catalog shopping sites?  Maybe you’d like to have the opportunity to choose from thousands of luxury items, but don’t want to pay astronomical interest rates?  Then you need to check out Emporium!   Emporium Black is the only catalog shopping site that has adopted a sort of “Rent to […]

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Catalog Cards General Info

Fingerhut is the Easiest Way to Build Credit

Fingerhut is undoubtedly the single most recognizable catalog retailer in the country! Who hasn’t gotten a dozen of their catalogs this year alone? But, did you also know that Fingerhut is also one of the easiest ways to build (or rebuild) your credit? That’s right, Fingerhut is one of the few companies that will actually give you the […]

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Credit Scores General Info

Easiest Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Looking for easy ways to improve your credit score? Do you have bad credit?  Maybe you missed a couple of payments?  Maybe you’ve had a bankruptcy?  A foreclosure?   Lost your job, got a divorce, or worse? Believe me, I understand why anyone might need a quick way to improve their credit score… when I first started […]

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Credit Tips Updates

Easiest Fresh Start Card for Service Members

In the Armed Forces? Need an easy way to get a fresh start on your credit? We all know that our service members are rarely paid what they’re worth, and it’s really easy to get behind on your bills when you’re deployed, when you transfer to another base, or in the event that you have […]

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