Christmas Shopping?

With the unseasonably cool temperatures over most of the country, it’s beginning to feel like Autumn… Already there are ads running for fall decorating, pumpkin spice everything arrives in just a couple of weeks, and you know that Christmas isn’t far behind (about 137 days or so, to be exact).

Have you given any thought to how you’ll be able to afford Christmas shopping this year?

Not an Access Card

Like it or not, the Christmas shopping season is literally almost upon us – or at least upon those of us who start shopping in September rather than wait until the last minute.  What about you?  Will you be an early shopper this year?  Or will you wait and hope for a money miracle?  Personally, rather than wait for an unexpected windfall, I’d much rather plan ahead, order as much as I can online, and then sit back and actually enjoy the season once it actually arrives.  And a large part of that planning (and shopping) usually involves Fingerhut.

Unlike a lot of catalog shopping sites, Fingerhut has thousands of name brand, popular products available at competitive prices, and even better, they list the monthly payment amount right alongside the full cash price of the item, so you can see how your purchases will fit into your budget after the holidays have come and gone… there will be no ugly surprises come January!   And, just like most other shopping sites, Fingerhut has sales, special offers, and even promo codes, so you can really get some good deals if you shop as carefully as I do.

Fingerhut even has a giant Christmas catalog that they’ll send you in the mail once you sign up for an account.  (Honestly, their catalog reminds me of the big “wish” books of years gone by – there are so many things to choose from.  Toys, electronics, clothing, shoes, home furnishings, holiday decor, and more!)

And, that’s not all.  With Fingerhut, it’s easy to fill out the application (just answer a few simple questions), get approved (most people do), and start shopping today!

Worried you won’t be approved for a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank ?

Unlike a lot of places, Fingerhut really works with those of us with less than perfect credit. Not only do most people get approved for a Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank , but a Fingerhut account can actually help you improve your credit score, first by reporting your regular payments to the major credit bureaus and secondly, by extending credit in the first place (giving you that all important “available credit” that accounts for about 30% of your credit score).

So go ahead, apply for your Fingerhut Credit Account issued by WebBank and get started on your Christmas shopping today!

Emporium, The Easiest Way to Shop for Christmas Gifts

Worried about how you’ll pay for Christmas this year?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! We are all trying to figure out how to afford all those Christmas gifts that we just can’t get out of buying and how we’ll pay for them once the gifts are unwrapped, the holidays are past, the decorations are all stored away, and we all have to face those staggering credit card bills that will hit our mailboxes come January.

This year, why not try something different?  Instead of scouring the sale ads for bargains, then traipsing from store to store fighting the crowds, only to find out the sale item is long gone… this year, you can sit back in the comfort and security of your own home and browse thousands and thousands of luxury gifts at highly competitive prices, have them delivered right to your door, and there will be no unpleasant surprises in your mailbox come January.

Wait, no crowds?  No chasing sales?  No hassle?  And no ugly bills come January?  How can that be?

Believe it or not – Christmas shopping this year really can be just that easy!  With your new Emporium Black Card, you’ll have exclusive access to a luxury shopping site that is unlike any you’ve seen before!   Unlike traditional shopping sites, there are no hidden costs when you shop at Emporium.  No interest. No hidden fees.  No hassle.  You’ll know up front what your payments will be, how long you will need to make them, and much, much more.  (You can even pay your items off early and save 50%!)

You see, Emporium is not really a shopping site at all… Emporium is more like an online rent to own store!  That’s right, rent to own.  And if you’ve ever bought anything on a rent to own basis, you know that it’s a great way for those of us with less than perfect credit to buy things that we want or need, especially when the financing is not there!   So, you can get that new computer, or flat screen television, or even all of those other gifts you need to buy this year… in fact, if you check out the Emporium website, you’ll find you can get just about anything there!

AND Emporium could even help you to improve your credit score by reporting your regular, timely payments to the credit bureaus!  

Still not convinced Emporium is the way to shop this year?

Check out ALL that Emporium has to offer and start shopping today.


The Easiest Way to Save Cash for Christmas

Wondering where the money will come from to pay for this year’s Christmas gifts?

If you’re like most people, you try really hard to save money all year, only to have something come up where you have no choice but to use your savings.  And then, when the holidays come along, you have no cash, so you either cut way back on your Christmas shopping or you get a new credit card and end up paying for it all year.

Well, here’s a novel idea – why not use a prepaid Visa card to pay for this year’s Christmas?

This year, instead of worrying about how you’ll pay for Christmas, start saving now – but, instead of putting your money into a savings account that’s all too easy to simply transfer into your checking account, get a prepaid Visa card and start putting cash on it every week (or month).

If you start now, you might just have enough money in the account before it’s time to start this year’s Christmas shopping!