Fingerhut Promo Code: The Easiest $25.00 You’ll Save This Christmas!

Looking for a great way to pay for this year’s Christmas gifts and save some money?

Look no further than Fingerhut!  That’s right, Fingerhut has a new promo code that will save you $25.00 off your very first order of $100 or more.  That’s like getting at least one Christmas gift on your list absolutely free!  And Fingerhut really has some great things to choose from… quality, name brand merchandise at truly competitive pricing.  Choose from a fantastic selection of clothing, jewelry, home furnishings, electronics, toys and more!

Think you won’t qualify for a Fingerhut account because of your credit?

Think again!  Fingerhut approves nearly everyone for at least $300.00, and those who aren’t approved usually qualify for the Fingerhut Fresh Start program which not only offers you the credit you need, but can also help you to improve your credit score!

So how do you get this $25.00 credit on your first order?

It’s easy, simply fill out the online application (takes about five minutes), and once you’re approved, just use the promo code NEW25OFF with your first order!  That’s all there is to it!  Now, go on…